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Information about the web accessibility standards we aim to achieve

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Web Accessibility Initiative

We have set out to achieve the highest standards of accessibility, in line with the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) up to priority two. Therefore, our website includes features to make the site accessible to all our visitors.

We are committed to ensuring this website is accessible and usable by the whole community we serve. While we strive to ensure our website adheres to the current web accessibility standards, we need feedback from real web users.

Do you have a disability that affects the way you use the web? For example, do you use assistive technologies such as a screen-reader? Do you find this site easy to use? Is there anything we could do to improve accessibility? Contact us to tell us what you think.

The BBC's website 'My Web, My Way' offers help on adjusting features in your specific operating system and browser.

Making our site easier to see

Our site has been built for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 & 9. Those using an older version than IE7 may experience problems and should look at upgrading their browser to a version still supported by Microsoft.

Making the content larger

In order to see the content on our site you may find it easier to increase the size in your browser. As a general rule you can do this by holding the ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘cmd’ on a mac) button on your keyboard and pressing the ‘+’ key. You can increase it further by pressing the ‘+’ sign while still holding the ‘Ctrl’ button. To reduce the size, hold the ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘cmd’ on a mac) button on your keyboard and press the ‘-’ key. To reset the font size back to default (100%) hold ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘cmd’ on a Mac) and press the ‘0’ key

Make your computer read the text to you

If you struggle to see text, cannot read or need to give your eyes a rest there are a number of ways that you can make your computer read the text to you. You could use a third party screen-reader or text-to-speech software application. If you use a Mac it is possible to enable ‘VoiceOver ‘ in ‘System Preferences’ under the ‘Universal Access’ menu, or by holding ‘cmd’ and pressing ‘F5’. You can then select areas of your screen you would like to be read to you.

Change text and background colours

Some people will find different colour combinations easier to read and so may not wish to have the default white on black combination, other people just prefer different colour combinations. It is possible to do this on your computer as a whole or just when viewing sites on the web. For Windows based computers using Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 you can find the accessibility menu in ‘Internet Options’. Tick the box ‘Ignore colours specified on webpages’.

On a Mac you can change from ‘black on white’ to ‘white on black’ or ‘greyscale’ text by going to System Preferences, under the Universal Access tab there are radio buttons that allow you to switch. Alternatively you can switch using the shortcut ‘ctrl, cmd, alt 8’.

Skip to content

Users who are using screen readers can make use of the "skip the content" link at the top of the page which will skip navigation links and other elements to arrive at the main content.

Using the tab key on your keyboard to cycle through hyperlinks

By pressing 'Tab' on your keyboard, you are able to cycle through all the active hyperlinks on each page on our website. This can speed up your browsing experience.

Use of JavaScript

We use JavaScript on our website, if it is not enabled or supported by your browser you may not experience visual effects and some functionality may be unavailable.

Easy read documents

We have produced some PDF documents in an easy read format.

Equality and Diversity

Surrey Police is committed to building a diverse workforce which is representative of the communities it serves.  We strive to create an inclusive working environment that celebrates sexual preference, gender identity and cultural background, therefore eliminating discrimination.


If you are finding it difficult to use our site, please feel free to contact us.

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