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Keep your home safe and secure with our top tips

Love your stuff? Register it!

Register your belongings free with it improves your chances of getting it back if it is lost or stolen.

Our top tips for keeping your home safe and secure

  • Register valuable property on it's free of charge and can deter a thief
  • Fit window locks and ensure French windows and patio doors are secure
  • Install a burglar alarm and set it every time you leave your home. A visible burglar alarn will make a potential intruder think twice
  • Install low wattage security lighting that comes on automatically at dusk and goes off at dawn
  • Never leave door or car keys or other valuables in reach of a letter box or window
  • Do not leave spare keys in an obvious place, such as under a flower pot or a door mat
  • Keep your front and back doors shut and locked – even when you are at home
  • Don't keep large amounts of money or jewellery at home. If you have to, use a home safe that is stored out of sight
  • Make sure your house looks occupied even when it isn’t. Use an automatic timer switch to turn interior lights on and off
  • Secure your garage and shed too – equipment kept inside can be just as tempting for a thief
    Mark your property with an ultraviolet pen.

Reducing garage, shed and garden crime

  • Use good quality fixings and a padlock to secure doors
  • Use anti-tamper screws in door hinges
    If possible, lock any windows
  • Fit a mains or battery powered alarm
    Use a forensic coding product to 'property mark' all valuable tools and equipment with your postcode/house number
  • If possible, secure lawnmowers and other valuable equipment to a shed or garage wall
  • Lock tools away when you aren't using them.

Going away?

As well as the above:

  • Don't discuss holiday plans in front of strangers
  • Don't post details on social media
    Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries
  • Mow the lawn and tidy the garden
  • Ask someone you trust to collect your mail
    Give a trusted neighbour contact details in case of emergency
  • Ask your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to keep an eye on your property
  • When travelling, don't display your home address on your luggage tags.


If you are thinking about installing CCTV to look after your property, there are some things to consider. The Information Commissioner's Office website offers some useful information on the use of CCTV by the public.

Unsure about security? Contact us on 101 and ask to speak to your local Crime Reduction Advisor.

Useful advice on protecting your property

Recovered property

View our Pinterest recovered property boards. If you recognise any items, call 101 quoting the reference number captioned on each photo.

Property auctions and reporting lost property

Bumblebee Auctions is the national police property site that sells lost or stolen items that cannot be reunited with their rightful owners. You can also report your lost property through BumbleBee.

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