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Police pay scale

Details about our Police Officer pay scale.

This year (2018-19), new Police Constables are welcomed to Surrey Police on a full time starting salary of £26,086.00 (including £2,500 South East allowance). Our Police Constables who have successfully completed their two-year probation period are currently earning £28,228.00 (including £2,500 South East allowance). They progress up the scale over 6 years to a top of scale payment of £41,650.00 (including £2,500 South East allowance).

After two years’ service, Officers up to, and including, Inspector rank also receive £110 FTE per month towards personal fuel costs. This could be swapped to an allowance for a train ticket.

A competitive pension scheme, salary sacrifice schemes, encouragement to request flexible working arrangements, discounts - including for a healthcare scheme, savings and cash back rewards are all extra benefits to supplement a competitive salary range. Read more about these benefits here.

The 2018-19 Surrey Police constables’ pay scale for full time officers is below. Police officer salaries are reviewed nationally on an annual basis and raised to reflect the cost of living when possible.


  Basic Salary South East Allowance Fuel Contribution  
Usual starting salaries
for Police Officers

Only applies to specific police forces
bordering London.

Surrey Police starting
salary for police 
£23,586.00 £2,500 £0  
After 2 years' service £24,654.00 £2,500 £0  
3 £25,728.00 £2,500 £1,320  
4 £26,802.00 £2,500 £1,320  
5 £28,947.00 £2,500 £1,320  
6 £33,267.00 £2,500 £1,320  
7 £39,150.00 £2,500 £1,320  



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