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Police Staff jobs

Information for people interested in joining us in a police staff role.

Police Staff opportunities within Surrey Police:

Surrey Police are highly respected as one of the UK’s most innovative and forward thinking Forces. Key to that success is the sheer quality and professionalism of our police staff who work in all areas of our organisation.  Our Police Staff support the delivery of our operational policing model and are an integral part of our team. 

All of our police staff roles are advertised on this website. If the vacancy you are looking for is not currently listed, please go to our vacancies page to sign up for job alerts using ‘Police Staff’ as the vacancy type and you will receive an email when a job is posted for the criteria you have selected.

Examples of Police Staff roles

Police Community Support Officers provide a visible uniformed presence in the community, helping the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and offer reassurance to the public.

Forensics Investigations
Staff within Forensic Investigations use the latest scientific techniques and specialist technical skills to investigate crime and provide forensic evidence to support police investigations.

Contact Centre
Our Contact Centre team handle all emergency (999) calls as well as 101 non-emergency calls, emails online crime reports and also deal with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Contact Handlers create incident reports and compile and update crime reports from members of the public and Police Officers, conducting an initial investigation based upon the details provided.

People Services
People Services supports front-line policing by making the best use of our people resources, providing professional guidance and expertise on HR and Learning and Development matters.

Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications produce accessible and timely communications via a range of channels to support the Force’s strategic priorities.

Intelligence and Analysis
This team focuses on providing high quality, relevant and actionable research and analysis support to enable informed decision making and resource deployment to be made.

Finance and Services

This department is responsible for the preparation and control of the Force’s revenue and capital budgets and includes areas such as procurement, supplies and accounting.

Shared Business Service Centre
This team provides a single first point of contact for HR, ICT, payroll, invoicing and estates queries.

Information Communication Technology
ICT are responsible for maintaining our communications systems, applications and networks.

Designated Detention Officers (DDOs)
Detention Officers perform an essential role in the investigation of crime, ensuring that custody processes are beyond reproach. DDOs are responsible for all aspects of detainee care, including security, supervising exercises, facilitating legal visits and providing medication and other entitlements as required by legislation.

Specialist Crime
Specialist Crime utilises covert and overt investigation teams and specialists from Major Crime Team (MCT), Serious Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), Economic Crime Unit (ECU) and Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) to target and disrupt those involved with serious, complex and organised criminality. The command also provides Crime Support and Crime Review team to provide timely advice and guidance for investigations.

Job profiles

Maria O'Brien"When I was 5-years-old I saw a lady on the TV digging and I said to my mum I want to be an archaeologist. She was a bit surprised that I knew such a big word which put me off a bit.

"I did a literature degree at university and said to my career advisor I wanted to join the police. She asked what I was interested in and I said arts and photography. She came back and gave me a four-week placement in the Crime Scene Investigation team in Liverpool. Within hours I knew that’s where I belonged. While I was waiting for the right opportunity I spent two years as a restaurant manager for Pizza Hut.

"It’s a job that requires you to think differently about how people operate. If you’re going to a burglary for instance you need to understand why that house was targeted, how the burglar approached the property and enter the house. You think like a criminal without actually being one.

"The evidence you provide can support a case or rule out a theory which makes it a really exciting role."

"I joined the Corporate Communications department here five years ago on a temporary contract covering a maternity leave. I had no idea that I was pregnant with my first son at the time!

"Luckily for me, despite my own impending requirement for maternity leave, a permanent position became available and I now work across two teams, specialising in the delivery of our public information awareness campaigns.

"The organisation is a perfect fit for me, allowing me to work flexible hours and achieve the work/life balance that I need as a (now) mum of two. Opportunities for career progression have opened up for me, and I get a real buzz from the variety of projects I am involved in that all play their part in protecting our communities."

Hannah Duce"Whilst not on the frontline, I love that in my job you feel your work is making a difference.

"I joined the Force just after finishing University, and have loved being able to work on awareness raising campaigns, looking at important topics like online grooming, as well as keeping staff up to date on Force issues through internal communications.

"It’s great to work with so many different people, all with the same passion to keep Surrey safe."

Jill Holland"I have been a nurse for many years and have worked for Surrey Police for 12 of those!

"I find the public sector really interesting due to the varied type of work I do from working with officers and staff and assessing and promoting occupational health. I love that I help to make a difference for individuals and the public that they serve, particularly in my local area.

"I really enjoy promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing for officers and staff and influencing their fitness thereby ensuring that they serve the public safely and professionally."

Nickie Adams"The Force Control Room (FCR) is a fast paced, often stressful place to work which is open 24/7. No two days are ever the same. Having worked in the FCR for over 14 years now I can safely say you will never be bored, but it does take a certain type of individual to be able to multi-task and work at high speed. 

The FCR is at the heart of the force, prioritising calls from the Contact Centre, from members of the public and ensuring officers are dispatched and kept updated at all times.  Apart from this we also deal with several spontaneous incidents that occur throughout the shift and many other admin tasks.


This role is not for the faint-hearted however it is an extremely rewarding job for the right individual."

"I studied public services at college and then worked at a leisure centre before deciding I needed more job security. The job is exciting and definitely keeps you on your toes. You walk in at the start of the shift and don’t know what you’re going to get. Balancing shift work and family life is easier than I thought it would be. The shift pattern is structured and planned well in advance so you can arrange your life around it."


We are a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme which promotes a good working environment for all existing and potential staff and helps ensure equal treatment for employees who are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

We have also formed a partnership with Diversity Jobs, the UK's largest diversity and inclusion focused careers site. All of our police staff vacancies are also listed on Diversity Jobs.

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Diversity Jobs

We are a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme which promotes a good working environment for all existing and potential staff and helps ensure equal treatment for employees who are lesbian, gay or bisexual. We have also formed a partnership with Diversity Jobs, the UK's largest diversity and inclusion focused careers site. All of our police staff vacancies are also listed on Diversity Jobs.

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