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A carer who stole over £31,000 from a lady she was looking after is jailed for 3 years

06 Oct, 2017 13:54 News Behind Bars

Monica Watson, 46 from Cobham has been jailed for three years after she helped herself to £31,609.24 from the elderly lady she was caring for in Cobham.

At the sentencing at Kingston Crown Court today (Friday 6 October) the court heard that between October 2015 and May 2016 whilst assisting an 85-year-old lady with day to day tasks and errands she abused her position. Watson used the victim’s debit and credit cards without her knowledge or permission and even set up two new credit cards again, without permission. She then used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle of endless lunches, buying clothes, frequent tennis sessions as well as taking holidays in Portugal and in the UK.

Watson was arrested in June 2016 after the victim’s family noticed unusual banking transactions on their mother’s account and large sums of money being withdrawn on a regular basis. After a long and thorough investigation she was charged with seven counts of fraud. At her trial at Kingston Crown Court on 4th October 2017 the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty to all seven counts and she was remanded in custody until her sentencing today.

DS Ben Kirby who led the investigation said:

“This was a calculated and cold crime committed with no sense of remorse, and done to fund a lifestyle Ms Watson thought she deserved though did not have the income to lead. She was in a position of trust and took advantage of an elderly woman. When we charged Watson she fully denied all seven counts which meant that the victim had to suffer the ordeal of giving live evidence in court.

“Watson is a callous individual who continues to lie and deceive and appears to have no intention of changing her ways. In 2010 she spent eight months in prison for a similar offence of theft.

“I hope this case serves as a warning to others that if you think it’s easy to prey on the elderly and vulnerable you will be caught and sentenced accordingly.”

The victim’s family has made the following comment:

“We are so relieved that we were able to bring this case to court and she has been found guilty. It’s been such a horrible time for all our family and our mother has been really rocked by this awful experience. She will turn 88 this month and it’s something she shouldn’t have to go through at her time of life. She keeps asking “how could I have been so foolish to believe her.”

“This so called carer completely abused the friendship with our mother and took advantage of her. We thought she was OK but it’s shocking when it happens to you and it’s a lesson we have had to learn.

“There are lots of kind people out there but what people don’t realise is that there are a few who will take advantage of vulnerable people. You need to be vigilant. Monica Watson wanted what she didn’t have and now she’s paid the price.”


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