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Lorry driver sentenced after drink driving the wrong way on A3

25 Jun, 2018 11:15 News Behind Bars

A lorry driver who drove the wrong way onto the A3 as an officer managed to stop oncoming traffic has been sentenced for drink driving.

Mieczyslaw Glodzik, 40, of no fixed address was seen driving southbound on the northbound carriageway of the A3 having driven up the off slip road at Burnt Common, at 3.20pm on Friday, 25 May.

However Surrey Roads Policing Officer Police Constable John Cook was nearby and managed to avert any danger by putting a rolling road block in place to stop traffic meeting the HGV head on.

The sentencing comes as the force is raising awareness of the dangerous of drink and drug driving during the World Cup.

Having managed to stop traffic, PC Cook was joined by two other units and then headed to the HGV which had stopped at the side of the road. The driver was sat at the roadside listening to music through earphones.

As none of the officers on the scene were able to drive the lorry, the driver manoeuvred it out of the way off the A3 and was then spoken to by officers. It was at this point they noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath.

He gave a positive reading on a roadside breath test and was arrested. Back at Guildford Police Station he gave an evidential reading of 111 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath which is more than three times the limit of 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath.

PC John Cook said:

“Mieczyslaw Glodzik’s actions were incredibly dangerous and could have put lives at risk had he carried on down the A3 where he faced oncoming traffic.

“Driving any vehicle while drunk is reckless, but driving a heavy goods vehicle while three times the limit is beyond belief and could have had devastating consequences.

“Anyone who gets behind the wheel of any vehicle has a responsibility not just to themselves, but others on the roads too, to be safe and take care. Ignoring this responsibility is selfish and will only lead to a serious injury or worse, loss of life.

“If you have suspicions about someone either taking drugs, or drinking excessively before driving, do not hesitate to get let us know either by calling 101 or 999 if it is an emergency situation.”

Mieczyslaw Glodzik, 40, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to the charge of dangerous driving and drink driving when he appeared at Guildford Magistrates Court on 29 May.

He appeared at Guildford Crown Court on Friday 22 June where he was sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment.

PC Cook added:

“With the World Cup taking place we are sure there are more people likely to be out enjoying themselves with friends and family at pubs. Please plan your journey and arrange taxis or lifts if you’re likely to be over the limit. Even if it is just a short drive home and you’ve only had a couple, you could be placing yourself in danger.”

If you’re prepared to drive under the influence of drink or drugs, prepare to face the consequences. These could include the following: 

  • A minimum 12 month ban;
  • An unlimited fine;
  • A possible prison sentence;
  • A criminal record, which could affect your current and future employment;
  • An increase in your car insurance;
  • Trouble travelling to countries such as the USA.

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