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Witness sought after man is conned by callous scamsters in Leatherhead

19 May, 2017 11:26 News Witness Appeals

Surrey Police is appealing for witness following a distraction burglary in Leatherhead on Monday 8 May.

At around 11am, it is reported that two men knocked on the door of a flat in Kingston House Gardens and insisted they needed to enter the property to access a potential leak.

Upon entering the property, one of the men asked the occupant, a man in his 60s, to go to the kitchen and turn the taps on and off whilst he was in the bathroom.

During that time, it is believed that a second man entered the flat and took a large quantity of cash from the occupant’s living room.

PC Joseph Brown from East Surrey Area Patrol Team, said: “I am urging anybody who witnessed anybody acting suspiciously in the area around that time to report it to us. Alternatively, if you think you may have also been a victim please get in touch.

“I would advise residents to stay vigilant and if they see anybody acting suspicious around their property or neighbourhood to report it.

"Always challenge callers for proof of identity, a genuine caller will never mind taking the time to show you their identification.”

Surrey Police provides the following advice to residents:

While most callers to your home are genuine, some are not. Some unscrupulous people, known as ‘bogus callers' or ‘distraction burglars', may try to trick their way inside to steal cash or valuables.

Here are some actions you can take to avoid doorstep crime:

Spotting bogus officials

Bear the following in mind if you suspect that an ‘official' caller may not be genuine:

  • Water company officials do not need to access your home to test water pressure or repair a leak
  • If they do need to access your home, they will write to you to arrange a suitable appointment
  • Gas or electricity company officials expect you to check their identity before letting them in. They don't mind waiting why you do so
  • If you have any doubts, don't let the caller in. Telephone the company to confirm they are genuine. Use a number from a utility bill and not one the caller gives you
  • Set up a password system with your utility providers. This is a free service.

Bogus workmen can be very persistent in persuading you that urgent work needs to be carried out on your property. Our advice is:

  • Never agree to have work done by someone who turns up on your doorstep. Say no.
  • If you home is in need of repair, use reputable workmen recommended by family and friends.

Other bogus callers

  • Be wary of people who knock on your door asking for a drink, looking for lost pets or asking to use your telephone.
  • Be cautious of unfamiliar youngsters saying their ball is in your garden. They may be attempting gain access to your home or trying to distract you.

Surrey Police urges anybody with information to call 101 quoting, 45170047456 or report online at


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