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Firearms licensing

This page contains information on firearms licensing, including fees and applications forms.

The Firearms Licensing Department is responsible for issuing certificates for firearms, shotguns and explosives to residents within the Surrey Police area only.

Firearms/Shotgun licence application

To apply for a firearm or shotgun licence, read this information carefully and then download the appropriate form from the ‘Downloads’ section.

Download and print the required form, (it cannot be saved for later), and complete by hand. Please check you have signed it and enclosed the necessary items before sending.

The completed application form with one photographs and the appropriate fee (see below) should be returned to the contact address at the bottom of this page. Please ensure all correspondence is sent to this address and not to your local police station or local Firearms Enquiry Officer. Please note that whichever local authority you pay your community charge to will determine which police force you must apply to.

Renewal applications should be returned to us 8 weeks before expiry of your current certificate in order that all enquiries can be completed in good time. It will be dealt with by a Civilian Firearms Enquiry Officer, who will contact you in due course to arrange an interview and advise you on security requirements. Please do not take any action on security until advised.


Cheques should be made payable to Surrey Police.
Please check the amount you need to pay.

Filming with weapons in public

When filming in a public place using imitation firearms, organisers must consider the relevant legislation. Carrying an imitation weapon in a public place is an offence which can lead to six months imprisonment and/or a fine. If the sequence does require the use of imitation firearms then organisers should always search for private locations to conduct this type of filming. If a public location must be used, a risk assessment should be undertaken before filming commences. This risk assessment should include consideration to the risk or potential risk of harassment, alarm or distress to the public in sequences involving the use of weapons.

Firearm/shotgun certificates last for five years.

Can my partner or a family member transport my firearm or shotgun for me?
Not unless they hold either a certificate or a permit in their own right for the firearms.

What makes me a prohibited person from possessing firearms?

Sentenced to a term of imprisonment in excess of three months will prohibit an individual for five years from release. Sentenced to more than three years will prohibit an individual for life.

At which point does an air weapon require a certificate?
Air rifles over 12-feet pounds muzzle energy.

Must I declare all convictions?
Yes, including all traffic convictions and any offences committed abroad.

Must I notify sales and/or acquisitions?
Firearms legislation requires that all notifications must be sent to the below address in writing, including sales/acquisitions abroad. We do accept faxes and email notifications.

What is the process for destroying or disposing of a firearm?
Arrangements should be made either with a registered firearms dealer or at a police station, with notification sent to us by recorded delivery or registered post.

When are reminders sent out?
Reminder letters are sent out to renew certificates twelve weeks prior to expiry. Renewal applications should be returned to us at least 8 weeks (40 working days) before expiry of your current certificate. Applications received outside of this may not get dealt with before expiry of your current certificate, and you may have to make alternative arrangements at your own expense to place your guns into storage.

Must I notify a change of address?
Conditions on your certificate state you must notify a change of permanent address. Take a copy of the certificate and post the original to the address below with a short note stating when the change will take effect.

What happens if I disclose a serious medical or mental health condition?

Firearms Licensing will request you obtain a report from your GP or Mental Health team in respect of the medical or mental health condition to assist in the decision to grant or renew your certificate. You will be liable for any fees incurred.

Shooting Clubs

Following the successful pilot project for online shooting clubs, all applications for approval (new or renewal) should be submitted directly to the Home Office via the web portal, at the link below, from Monday 11 June. This applies to all clubs in England and Wales. Applications will only be accepted by the Home Office, and should no longer be sent directly to the police.

Once your application has been submitted, the Home Office we will review it to determine if it is valid and, if so, pass it to the police force, who will then make necessary enquiries before sending the application back to the Home Office for consideration. If you do not provide sufficient information and supporting evidence your application is likely to be rejected as invalid and will need to be resubmitted.

Before applying you must ensure that you fulfil the criteria as set out in the Home Office Clubs’ Criteria leaflet. Renewals presently cost £84 and are valid for 6 years. You should apply to renew your approval at least 3 months before it’s due to expire.

Click here to apply online

Contact us

For general enquiries about the firearms licensing process (including renewals or cancellations of existing firearms licences), or if you wish to have a form sent to you by post, please contact us:

Firearms Licensing Department
Surrey Police
PO Box 101

General enquiries
Phone: 01483 638811
Fax: 01483 634574

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Please do not attend police headquarters without a prior appointment.

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